The Olive Mill


Northern California’s Reliable Solution for Quality Olive Milling.

Olivino offers olive growers in Northern California a tried and tested solution to produce high quality certified organic olive oil from their fruit. We have been certified by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) as a mixed-use facility since 2007 and continue to operate reliably every year, having served over 250 business customers, from individuals to national market leaders in the wine and olive industry,

the Milling SYSTEM

Our facility can process 15-20 tons per day, with minimum batch quantities of 0.5 tons. Our custom-modified Vitone olive mill features both a traditional stone mill and a modern blade crusher. Our traditional Frantoio with three granite wheels crushes 1.5 tons of fruit per hour, while the blade crusher processes 3 tons per hour. Specially designed to maintain a low operating temperature, the blade crusher maximally conserves the organoleptic properties of any olive varietal, preventing undue bitterness. 

4-Batch Malaxer

The malaxer, which converts the crushed fruit to a paste from which oil is eventually extracted, has four separate vats of 940 liters each. These can be grouped or used separately, affording flexibility in processing multiple batches simultaneously. This translates to faster service and greater convenience for our customers.

3-Phase Decanter

The decanter separates oil from water and husk through centrifugal force. This component is lined with extra thick stainless steel and a tungsten carbide mesh to assure machine longevity and high reliability during critical weeks of heavy operation. The 3-phase capability further reduces waste by extracting nearly all water from the pomace.

Final Separator

A final separation unit further isolates the oil from residual fruit water and heavy oil particles. Here, softly trickling out from the end of a sleek, chrome spout, the liquid gold sparkles and exudes the deliciously pure fragrance of a newborn. (Additional filtering is available upon request.)

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